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Fauvarque-Cosson,Bénédicte / Mazeaud, Denis

aaEuropean Contract Law: Materials for the CFR

Terminology, Guiding Principles, Evaluation of PECL
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  • 8022304
  • 9783866530676
  • Sellier de Gruyter, Berlin
  • 1. Auflage 2008
  • 04.08.2008
  • 800 Seiten
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The Association Henri Capitant des Amis de la Culture Juridique Française and the Société de... mehr

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Autor / Hrsg.:
  • Fauvarque-Cosson,Bénédicte
  • Mazeaud, Denis
Produkttyp: Monographie
The Association Henri Capitant des Amis de la Culture Juridique Française and the Société de législation comparée (AHC-SLC) joined the Academic network on European Contract Law in 2005 to work on the elaboration of a "Common terminology" and on "Guiding principles" as well as to propose a revised version of the Principles of European contract law (PECL). The outcome of this work was sent to the Commission and was already published in French. The English translation will now be published by sellier.elp.

This work could contribute to the wider European project. The part on the guiding principles could form part of the CFR, in the form of blackletter model rules or of recitals. The part on terminology is, in itself, most useful for the elaboration of the final various linguistic versions of the CFR. It finds its place with the materials which will accompany the model rules. Last but not least: The revised version of the PECL should be considered by the European institutions as an alternative set of model rules on contract law. These contributions to the Common Frame of Reference fulfill various purposes according to the three various tasks set by the Action Plan of the Commission: identifying guiding principles, reflecting upon a common terminology, and drafting model rules.

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