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Rudge, Andrew


How to answer legal questions, draft legal opinions and pass Paper D of the European Qualifying Examination
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  • 3. Auflage 2016
  • 14.10.2015
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The D-Book has been prepared with the intention of offering advice and support for candidates... mehr

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Autor / Hrsg.: Rudge, Andrew
Produkttyp: Handbuch

The D-Book has been prepared with the intention of offering advice and support for candidates preparing for the legal papers of the European Qualifying Examination (EQE) and Pre-examination.
Part A offers general advice on how the legal papers should be approached and should be used in conjunction with attempts at past papers in order to develop strategy and tactics before sitting the exam itself. A certain number of key legal principles are also explained in Part A. Parts B and C set out the relevant law under the EPC and PCT, respectively that needs to be assimilated. S

ubject matter in these sections has been set out in a logical sequence that mirrors the stages of the patent examination and granting process an applicant encounters in real life. With all the relevant legal materials relevant to each topic brought together, and ordered systematically, it should be easier for even newcomers to patent law to locate important legal basis quickly. The chapters in parts B and C have been aligned to the maximum possible extent, allowing the reader to readily compare and contrast the counterpart stages of the EPC and PCT procedures.

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