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Daigneault, Edward

Drafting International Agreements in Legal English

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A document leaving the desk of a lawyer, company officer or, for that matter, any layman may have... mehr

Produktinformationen "Drafting International Agreements in Legal English"

Autor / Hrsg.: Daigneault, Edward
Produkttyp: Monographie
A document leaving the desk of a lawyer, company officer or, for that matter, any layman may have at any time legal consequences. This implies a tremendous range of documents. To simplify and acknowledge the most practical use as employed by non-native speakers, the examples provided in this manual focus on the contents of documents having a commercial impact, particularly those establishing a contractual relationship. Practical guidelines presented in this pocket guide help formulate legal writing. That is brief, clear and precise.

This pocket guide is an extremely useful tool for anyone who wants to avoid dangerous legal or painful consequences that result from faulty wording. For convenience, this manual is divided into three parts: "Document Design" - an overview of principles on the appearance of documents. "Documents in Plain English" - a review of English punctuation and good writing with respect to both general principles and specifics of legal writing. Documents in Practice - an overview of specific provisions with respect to agreements.

Finally, a specimen contract is included in the appendices to bring all of this into perspective.

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