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Russell, Graham / Hodges, Christopher

Regulatory Delivery

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This ground-breaking book addresses the challenge of regulatory delivery, defined as the way... mehr

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This ground-breaking book addresses the challenge of regulatory delivery, defined as the way that regulatory agencies operate in practice to achieve the intended outcomes of regulation.
Regulatory reform is moving beyond the design of regulation to address what good regulatory delivery looks like. The challenge in practice is to operate a regulatory regime that is both appropriate and effective. Questions of how regulations are received and applied by those whose behaviour they seek to control, and the way they are enforced, are vital in securing desired regulatory outcomes.

This book, written by and for practitioners of regulatory delivery, explains the Regulatory Delivery Model, developed by Graham Russell and his team at the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The model sets out a framework to steer improvements to regulatory delivery, comprising three prerequisites for regulatory agencies to be able to operate effectively (Governance Frameworks, Accountability and Culture) and three practices for regulatory agencies to be able to deliver societal outcomes (Outcome Measurement, Risk-based Prioritisation and Intervention Choices).

These elements are explored by an international group of experts in regulatory delivery reform, with case studies from around the world.

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