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Rosengarten, Joachim / Burmeister, Frank / Klein, Martin

The German Limited Liability Company

Deutsch-englische Ausgabe des GmbH-Gesetzes
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  • 9783406749193
  • C.H. Beck, München
  • 9. Auflage 2020
  • 12.04.2020
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In the first part this book provides for a comprehensive introduction into the law on the German... mehr

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Produkttyp: Handbuch
Reihentitel: German Law Accessible

In the first part this book provides for a comprehensive introduction into the law on the German Liability Company (GmbH) in the English language. It covers topics like formation of the GmbH, share capital of the GmbH, shareholders, managing directors, business year, minority protection, dissolution of a GmbH as well as tax matters.
The second part is a bilingual German/English print of the German Act Limited Liability Company. The third part contains in German and English:

  • Sample of the articles of association of a GmbH
  • Documents for the formation of a GmbH
  • Balance Sheet of a GmbH

Vorteile auf einen Blick

  • The most important legal questions regarding the GmbH are summarized in the English language in a comprehensive manner
  • Text of the GmbH are already available in English
  • The perfect start for non-German users to get comfortable with the law on the GmbH
  • Ideal help for communication with foreign lawyers in the English language
  • Often used as manual for the daily work by German subsidiaries of global companies
  • Most important tax aspects are dealt with

Zur Neuauflage
Tax Law has been revised completely.

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